LUCRE is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bearings for diverse, demanding industries where constant movements without friction and smoother rotation are paramount. Our products are developed based on your project’s requirements, ensuring effortless mechanical operation that will enhance your equipment’s performance and the overall productivity of your production processes.

With countless equipment and devices relying on bearings to accomplish seamless movement, it’s vital to understand the importance of selecting a reputable bearing manufacturer like LUCRE. Regardless of the project’s complexity or volume, we can deliver top-quality results that meet or exceed your expectations.

Industries We Work With

We work with pioneer companies from varying sectors, ensuring each product is rigorously tested before being shipped to our clients. As experts in bearings, we have different types available to cater to the unique needs of each industry, such as automotive, robotics, material handling, general machinery, and more.

Below is a quick overview of the primary industries we serve:

General Machinery

Our high-performance bearings are widely utilized in the general machinery industry, where they play a critical role in facilitating a low-friction interface between the rotating and stationary components within the machine. At the same time, the proper bearing can effectively support the loads while protecting the components from abrasion, which can negatively impact a machine’s functionality.

Under general machinery, we provide bearings for the following segments:

  • Compressor: Air compressors are integral in many industries, providing compressed air for pneumatic tools and related equipment. An angular contact ball bearing is one of the compressor bearings used because it can simultaneously handle more significant amounts of radial and axial loads.
  • Electric Motor: Bearings are essential in electric motors as they sustain the rotor as it rotates while reducing the chances of friction. Our double row deep groove ball bearing is the ideal option for electric motors used in high-speed applications to support its fast rotation.
  • Fans: Industrial fans move air and gasses inside a facility and must meet particular requirements to work accordingly. One of the advantages of a deep groove ball bearing is that it can absorb radial and axial loads from any direction, which is common in industrial fans.
  • Pumps: Pump bearings are exposed to different operating conditions, so we offer various types of bearings, depending on the pump used. For example, a single row deep groove ball bearing is ideal in pumps with low to moderate radial loads.


Automotive production and assembly must be backed with premium components to sustain daily driving, which is why we provide superior bearings that can withstand harsh environments and high speeds. In addition, optimal performance is expected from vehicles today, where reliability is key to ensuring passenger safety.

A commonly used bearing for vehicle manufacturing is the deep groove double row ball bearing, often for the assembly of the unit’s transmission. It guides and supports the rotating gears to facilitate smoother gear changes while driving. Additionally, bearings are crucial even with the growing advancements in technology that are implemented in today’s cars, such as autonomous and electric units.

Some of the most common vehicular applications of bearings include:

  • Engines
  • Gearboxes
  • Steering
  • Wheels


Robust and heavy-duty types of machinery are crucial in agricultural applications since they’re responsible for tilling, planting, and harvesting. Farming operations are also substantial, each requiring machines and equipment to support farm owners in their production process.

Such machinery relies on bearings that can work under severe conditions and heavy loads while maintaining precise movements. A deep groove double row ball bearing is ideal for these challenging applications, as it can also function even with constant exposure to dirt, moisture, and dust.

Typical applications of agriculture bearings include:

  • Combines
  • Harvesters
  • Conveyors
  • Woodworking machines
  • Disc mowers


Robots are complex machines with innumerable moving parts to perform specific tasks. Every joint and movement relies on bearings to ensure high precision and motion control. Its functions depend on its purpose. For instance, a robotic machine used in manufacturing will have different bearings than one used for medical purposes due to their distinct tasks.

Bearings used in robotics must be able to operate under heavy loads, maintain seamless movements, and have a long lifespan. As an angular contact ball bearing manufacturer, we work with our clients in this growing industry to produce bearings that meet their stringent demands.

Examples of robotic applications where bearings are used include:

  • Industrial robots
  • Articulated robotic arms
  • Collaborative robots
  • SCARA robots

Material Handling

Numerous industries rely on material handling systems for convenience and to cut labor costs. For instance, bulk material handling systems are built to efficiently handle, convey, and transport granular products, such as fertilizers, coals, iron ore, and more, on various parts of a facility.

Material handling machinery needs bearings that can work even in high load capacities and resist tough conditions, especially when dealing with abrasive materials. Our angular contact ball bearing solutions can handle high axial and radial loads while running more accurately because of their contact angles.

Other common material handling machinery that uses bearings includes:

  • Cranes
  • Forklift
  • Elevators

Industrial Transmission

Efficient power transmission helps many industries, as it can lower energy consumption and enhance safety in the workplace. Productivity levels also rise with transmission systems, making it essential to have the correct bearings to manage high speeds and absorb shocks.

Fortunately, our ball bearings are made for transmission applications, especially those used in exacting operations where the systems run continuously to avoid downtime. For instance, a double row deep groove ball bearing is commonly used in textile manufacturing and machine tools.

Other common industrial transmission applications include:

  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Belt and pulley systems
  • Turbines
  • Water pumps

Achieve a Streamlined Operation with the Finest Bearings

As a reputable angular contact ball bearing manufacturer, we have developed an extensive line of bearings for various industries. Our years of engineering expertise in bearing design have provided our clients with reliable solutions that can maintain optimum efficiency even in stressful environments.

Regular maintenance and proper handling of bearings can ensure their longevity, resulting in cost savings, reduced downtime, and increased profits. With our various bearing products and specialized custom services, you can trust us to deliver results that will improve your bottom line.

If you have more questions about our selection of bearings, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Ready to jumpstart your project? Talk to our experts, and we’ll develop a unique solution tailored to your special needs and specifications!