The general machinery industry revolves around designing, developing, and maintaining machinery for consumers and other sectors. These machines are utilized for general purposes, enabling a seamless and streamlined workflow, regardless of application. With technological advances becoming more innovative, the increasing demand for advanced machinery has led to continuous innovations in the industry.

At LUCRE, we specialize in quality bearings for general machinery, ensuring smooth and fluid mechanical operation that can support the move of diverse industries toward cutting-edge technologies.

The Purpose of Ball Bearings in General Machinery

Ball bearings are essential in machinery because they reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Reducing the friction during motion improves the machine’s functionality, increasing efficiency and ensuring they move smoother and faster. The versatility of ball bearings makes them suitable for various types of machinery, bringing numerous benefits, such as:

  • Mechanical stability
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Low level of vibration
  • High accuracy and precision

These advantages make ball bearings an integral part of any machinery, as they help maintain effortless and efficient operation. Furthermore, various types of ball bearings have additional benefits depending on the application in which they are used.

Types of Ball Bearings for General Machinery

LUCRE offers deep groove ball bearing options and angular contact ball bearings for general machinery applications. Their designs and uses are varied, but both offer excellent performance regarding heavy loads.

Here’s a quick overview:

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are designed with inner and outer-ring raceways displaced relative to one another in the bearing axis direction. It allows them to simultaneously sustain significant axial loads in one direction as radial loads. Additionally, they’re commonly used in pairs or multi-bearing sets since an axial component is generated when a radial load is applied.

Subtypes of angular contact ball bearings:

  • Single Row Angular Contact Bearing
  • Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing
  • Four Points Angular Contact Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

A deep ball groove bearing is the most widely used and is inherently versatile. Their dimensions closely match the contained ball’s dimensions, and it’s available in varied configurations or arrangements, namely shield, seal, and snap-ring. Its most common application is for machineries that require low noise and low vibration to achieve high rotational speeds.

There are only two subtypes of deep groove ball bearings: Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing and Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing. Double rows can be subjected to greater loads than single row bearings due to the more significant number of rolling elements.

Applications of Deep Groove & Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Countless industries use ball bearings for their general machinery to guarantee that they function without delays and downtimes. With suitable ball bearings, operations and production processes continue, making these industries essential in the daily lives of individuals and other businesses alike.

Some examples of applications of deep groove and angular contact ball bearings include:

  • Woodworking spindles
  • Electric Motors
  • Machine tool spindles
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Centrifuges
  • Dry lubrication low outgassing

Let LUCRE Fulfill Your Ball Bearing Needs

Regardless of industry, as long as your general machinery requires ball bearings, LUCRE has you covered. Our commitment to providing top-quality, high-performance products makes us a trusted partner for general machinery projects. Explore our range of ball bearings today and experience their benefits to your machinery.

If you want to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, contact us today! We also offer custom services, and our team will find a suitable solution based on your project’s requirements.